The Toyme service transparently raises the issues relevant for all of your organization’s employees. It will help the organization to learn.

For a long time, one of the organisations factory has been accumulating transfer pallets that have been collected by a subcontractor for free of charge from the factory for their own use. Another factory is facing same problem with transfer pallets. Consider the situation that the other  could find the solution from Toyme and save the time and effort developing own solution.

Everyone can participate in Toyme

You can utilize tacit information more effectively using the Toyme service. Although Toyme service is transparent and all employees can have access and visibility to the reported issues access can be,, if needed, limited on user level.

Employees feel they are appreciated

Employees’ ability to read, discuss development suggestions and safety findings increases well-being and motivation at work.

Management is being well informed

Leadership informed earlier about the rising issues and is capable of reacting as needed.  Toyme is also a good source of weak signals for management.


Get most out of the tacit information with Toyme services!

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